Overview – AHK image pool

The AHK image pool provides you with 350 different motifs in three different formats each. Make your website a visual eye-catcher!

Conditions of use

Please note: if images are used inappropriately it’s possible that claims from third parties will be forwarded to your office.

    • The material may only be used worldwide by AHKs, which use the common website tool or which were registered with the DIHK as users.
    • Use is permitted in the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Xing, weibo, WeChat, Snapchat Exception: not allowed in Youtube and Vimeo
    • Commercial and promotional corporate use - for business, internal and external use (particularly for presentations, training courses, etc.)
    • The images must be published with copyright details
    • The images may not be used for commercial advertisements
    • Use is unlimited in time
    • The material is also allowed in print publications in all national languages